Knowledge of the Wood

The cooper needs to know his wood, its characteristics and the wines for which it will be used in order to attain a perfect match between the wine and the barrel.

He chooses his wood: sessile oak from the centre and east of  France, or pedunculate oak from the south west of France.

He uses a natural drying process (between 24 and 36 months) where, rain, wind and sun refine the stave wood.


Quality and Traceability


Each barrel is individually numbered, so we can guarantee the strict and reliable traceability of all our products.

This process is overseen by the controlling body “Chêne Origine Et Vins”, and guaranteed by QUALISUD.

Our oak is sourced exclusively from French forests, mainly the ones who are taken care of by the Office National des Forets (ONF), the French organization who manages the forests. The ONF follows strict rules to encourage sustainable development.

The forests of Troncais, Berce, Blois, Belleme, Senonches are the ones we prefer for the high quality of their oak trees.