Our Barrels

The majority of the cooperage production is based on Bordeaux Export or Bordeaux Traditional  barrels.

However, our ability to adapt our production methods to suit each client’s technical and aesthetic requirements allows us to manufacture  a large variety of products.

A we perform strict quality control checks on all functional properties of the finished product.

Our laser allows us to create any type of marking on the barrel’s head: from a picture to a logo or just simple writing, we can meet the needs of the customer.



Some barrel examples

  Bordeaux Export Barrel 22 mm
Bordeaux Export Barrel 27 mm  
  Bordeaux  Château Barrel
Bordeaux Ferré Barrel
Cask 300 litres
Cask 400 litres
Cask 500 litres
Acacia Bordeaux Barrel 27mm
Burgundy Barrel


“Harmonia” Barrel : The special selection of Dominique MILLET a mix of the best wood of Center France fine grain.
“Dominica” Barrel: 100% Tronçais

All of these products are available in oak sourced from the central east and south west regions of France. 

The Bordeaux Export Barrels (225 liters in 27 mm) are also available in American oak.  It is possible to produce the Bordeaux Export Barrels of 225 liters and 300 liters casks using acacia wood.

For larger casks and vats, please contact the cooperage.