Millet Cooperage

The combination of traditional know-how and modern techniques, results in a high-quality handcrafted product.

I personalize service for each client, in order to meet their specific needs.

The main activity of the cooperage is the making of barrels, but we are capable of a variety of other functions ( barrel, restoration, oak casks of various sizes.)



Tradition from Father to Son


We also uses modern tools and methods to shorten, hollow out, dress and join the staves which are then strictly controlled for quality before the making of the barrels.

The “raising up” of the barrel is the process of mounting the barrel into its initial shape. It takes a great ability and know-how to assemble all of the staves. Once assembled, the barrel is ready for the toasting process.

Mastering Fire


The most difficult part of the construction process, the heating, is assigned to the most experienced coopers.


Controlled heating allows the extraction (from the oak) of the subtlest aromas, according to each clients needs.


A Craft, A Passion


The heads are made of shorter staves joined using traditional methods. Between each stave, a rush leaf is inserted to ensure a perfect seal.

Each barrel is water tested at high pressure and high temperature in order to guarantee a perfect seal.

In order to accentuate the aesthetic quality of each barrel, we take  great care during the finishing stage: sanding, hooping and stamping.